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5 апреля
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Свеча Яблочкова
В Париже русский электротехник Павел Яблочков получает патент на "электрическую свечу". Впервые "русский свет" будет применен в большом парижском магазине "Лувр": 22 "свечи Яблочкова" заменят 200 газовых рожков1876 год
PET термоскотч
Самую надежную защиту обеспечивает полиимидный термоскотч торговой марки Kapton производства компании 3М. Вторым по популярности материалом являтеся PET – полиэстер. Особенности РЕТ термостойкой ленты: превосходные характеристики электроизоляции, превосходная стабильность размеров ленты при нагреве, превосходная термозащита, легкость удаления без остатков клея на поверхности. Возможные области при…03-04-2020
Флуоресцентные фильтры для диагностики коронавируса COVID-19 методом ПЦР-РВ от компании ОТА
Компания OTF предлагает флуоресцентные фильтры для приборов ПЦР-РВ для диагностики нового коронавируса COVID-19. 03-04-2020
11 мифов о тепловом анализе
Развитие электронной отрасли связано с постоянным увеличением спроса на все более компактные и все более мощные устройства. Во многих случаях рост плотности мощности приводит к увеличению тепловыделения при одновременном уменьшении свободного пространства. В результате тепловое проектирование становится жизненно важным этапом при разработке электронных устройств.03-04-2020
Компания Golledge представила две новые серии термостатированных генераторов с напряжением питания 12 В.
Термостатированные генераторы серии SCOCXO обеспечивают стабильный CMOS выходной сигнал и отличные характеристики фазового шума, включая -120 дБн/Гц @ 100 Гц. Напряжение питания 12 В делает генераторы серии SCOCXO идеальными для аналоговых задач, где требуется большой размах напряжения, и для аудиоэлектроники, где необходим хороший динамический диапазон. Основные отличительные особенности серии S…03-04-2020
Тестирование TensorFlow Lite для микроконтроллеров в Linux SBC
В этой статье будут показаны результаты тестирования API TensorFlow Lite для микроконтроллеров (tflite-micro) на разных одноплатных компьютерах (SBC) с Linux. Для этой цели используется код, который первоначально был написал для тестирования и сравнения API tflite-micro, написанного на C , и API-интерфейса tflite python из этого репозитория:02-04-2020
Новое поколение ZigBee-микросхем EFR32MG22
Компания Silicon Labs начала производство новой серии микросхем EFR32MG22 стандарта Zigbee PRO/Green Power, оптимизированных для устройств с батарейным питанием.02-04-2020
Новое поколение ZigBee-микросхем EFR32MG22.
Новое поколение ZigBee-микросхем EFR32MG22.02-04-2020
На склад поступили популярные USB-мосты FT232RL.
На склад поступили популярные USB-мосты FT232RL. Заказать микросхемы можно обратившись к сотрудникам отдела продаж и филиалов, контактные данные приведены в разделе "Контакты". Наличие и количество микросхем на складе компании "ЭФО" на текущий момент можно посмотреть, нажав на кнопку ниже:   02-04-2020
Turn Off Those Batteries With Their Protection Chip
It should be a feature of every device powered by a lithium-ion battery, that it has a protection chip on board that automatically disconnects it should it go out of its safe voltage range. A chip most often used for this purpose in single-cell applications is the Fortune Semiconductor DW01, …read more05-04-2020
R/C Toilet Paper Roll is the Hero we Deserve
For reasons that most rational consumers can’t fathom, a not inconsiderable segment of the population believes the key to their continued survival during a pandemic unprecedented in modern times is to stockpile toilet paper. This leaves those of us not compelled to act based on the whims of our bowels …read more05-04-2020
An Adapter to Solve Your ESP-01 Breadboard Woes
The ESP-01 launched the ESP8266 revolution back in 2014, and while today you’re far more likely to see somebody use a later version of the chip in a Wemos or NodeMCU development board, there are still tasks the original chip is well suited for. Unfortunately, they can be tricky to …read more05-04-2020
Typing By Slamming Your Laptop Closed. Repeatedly
Do you sometimes feel that your custom mechanical keyboard is not quite loud enough to proclaim your superior hacking powers? Or do you need a more forceful way shout in all caps at someone who is wrong on the internet? For all this and more, [Jesse Li] has got you …read more05-04-2020
NeoPixel Matrix Simulation Lets You Virtually Groove to the Lights
You are stuck at home quarantined and you want to do some Arduino projects. The problem is you don’t have all the cool devices you want to use. Sure, you can order them, but the stores are slow shipping things that aren’t essential these days. If you want to get …read more04-04-2020
Self-Glowing Ring Is Its Own Battery
LED jewelry has always been a popular part of the maker community. Oftentimes, coin cells are used as a compact source of power, or wires are run to discreet hidden battery packs. [OguzC3] went another route, however, creating a glowing ring which works as its own battery. The design will …read more04-04-2020
Can Solid Save the Internet?
We ran an article on Solid this week, a project that aims to do nothing less than change the privacy and security aspects of the Internet as we use it today. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the guy who invented the World Wide Web as a side project at work, is behind …read more04-04-2020
Open Source Telescope Controller Puts Smart Features in Old Telescopes
In times like these, we all need to look beyond ourselves. This project might help: OnStep is an open-source telescope controller, a device that controls a telescope to point at something interesting in the sky. Want to take a look at M31? Use an app on a PC or smartphone, …read more04-04-2020
Random Touch Localisation and Force Sensing On Any Surface
Performing any activity using touch sensing is very convenient. And this has increased even more, thanks to a technology that facilitates the utilisation of the touch feature on everyday surfaces, be it wood or paper. Touch technology is gradually being implemented in digital devices such as smartphones, televisions, computers, ATM screens and many more, making […] The post Random Touch Localisati…04-04-2020
“There Is Always A Trade-Off Between Quality And Cost”
Electromagnetic (EMC) shielding prevents damage to electronic components by protecting PCB elements and associated hardware from electromagnetic interference (EMI). Robert John Webber, field application engineer, Harwin, discusses the role of interconnect devices and EMC shielding in manufacturing in an interaction with Ayushee Sharma. Q. What should one look for while choosing a connector? A. You…04-04-2020
Basics of Transistors
In this video, the presenter would be explaining the basics of Transistors. This tutorial is best for all beginners in Electronics. Courtesy: Simply Electronics The post Basics of Transistors appeared first on Electronics For You.04-04-2020
Frame.IoT: A Dev Board For Creating Hassle-Free IoT Projects
Till now Arduino had been the board of choice for making low-cost IoT projects. Now, a soon-to-be launched dev board called Frame.IoT (that is compatible with Arduino IDE) aims to offer the same functionalities along with providing interchangeable components, which can be easily used when required. Presenting the Frame.IoT, an Arduino-compatible developer board that promises […] The post Frame.IoT…04-04-2020
Is This The Oldest Still-Working Geostationary Satellite?
Regular followers of space news will know that when satellites or space probes reach the end of their life, they either are de-orbited in a fiery re-entry, or they stay lifeless in orbit, often in a safe graveyard orbit where they are unlikely to harm other craft. Sometimes these deactivated …read more04-04-2020
Oscilloscope and Microscope Augmented With Ghosts
Augmented reality saw a huge boom a few years ago, where an image of the real world has some virtual element layer displayed on top of it. To get this effect to work, however, you don’t need a suite of software and smart devices. [elad] was able to augment a …read more04-04-2020
Making Aerogel, It’s Not For The Faint-Hearted
Aerogel — that mixture of air and silica — is one of those materials that seems like a miracle. It is almost not there since the material is 99% air. [NileRed] wanted to make his own and he documented his work in a recent video you can see below. If …read more04-04-2020
A Touchless Handwashing Timer Comes In Handy
In 2020, it’s no longer enough to simply wash your hands. You’ve got to do it right. Proper process involves rubbing soap and water over every surface of your hands, and taking a full 20 seconds to do the job. While many recommend singing various popular songs to keep time, …read more04-04-2020